We built Richard's engine back in 2015, in our old shop. She's still running strong after multiple different set-ups. 
It is a stage 1 engine build with CP Pistons, OEM STI rods, a stock crankshaft and King bearings.
Mmm Shineyy
We did some TGV deletes and upgraded to ARP head studs.
We also installed an aftermarket header.
I apologize for the potato camera quality but phone cameras just weren't that great back in the day. I promise high quality pics are coming.
Ready to drop in!
Once we were all finished up it was time to hit the streets with a base map. 
Very soon after Richard was out winning car shows and enjoying his ride. Check out his car wingless in this next pic. 
I have known Richard to be the "wheels guy". He has spent so much time researching and test fitting so many different wheels and getting the perfect specs to get that fitment just right. 
Eventually came more aerodynamic parts. Canards, lips, splitters, etc. 
Like I said...Richard the wheel guy.
Did I mention he likes his wheels? Here's a classic spot for a good photo on the sea-to-sky highway.
Richard always got the coolest roller shots! There are better ones further down!
Even the wheel master himself had to step it up a level. 
Bam! Check out that front bumper! He also made some custom side skirts that look amazing. I believe he integrated some evo skirts to make them. 
Here is a better shot of them!
Higher quality pictures...as promised.
Wait, what!? Is that even the same car? Yes it is. Richard got his car wrapped midnight purple and also went wide body instead of the flares. Here is a better shot before he did the rear wide body.
And after...
Richard's car has been through so many transformations that it's hard to believe it's the same car. This is the same car with the midnight purple wrap with a photo edit making it look black. 
Super aggressive looking! Richard has also gone through a few turbo set-ups and is now running a rotated big turbo set up.
I saved my favorite roller shot for last. You can follow Richard on IG @Steezy_GD7

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