The good ol' drift car, didn't start life as a drift car. It was actually a 2004 base model Impreza with an automatic transmission and a non turbo engine. BOORRIINGGG... 


So we bought the car as a shop track car, after someone had attempted to built a rally car. A lot of the work had to be undone and fixed, for example the 1/2" gaps in the tubes that were left un-welded all along the tops of the roll cage, and the poor design was just unsafe. So we ended up cutting the entire cage out of the car since we didn't need one for the type of time attack style racing that we intended to do with the car.


There were also ton's of wiring gremlins that we spent countless hours to go through and fix. 

The amount of chassis rust on this car was also not great when we got it, but that didn't really matter for us. In fact, it made me care less for the car which means I would drive it harder on track! 

As for modifications on this car, we had got it with an STI 6 speed swap already done, and a version 8 JDM STI engine package bone stock swapped in. Lacking in the wiring department but we had gotten all that fixed up in a few days. 

All we've really done in the way of modifications from this point was 1000cc injectors, a fuel pump, a boost controller, and a full 3" turbo back exhaust with a high flow cat. We then tuned the car on E85 since it was going to be a track only car, and only run E85 there was no need for a flex fuel set up.


So we dyno tuned the car on the soul crusher dyno dynamics at 300hp to the wheels (ALL the WHEELS at that time)







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