Kevin's goal for his 2008 Subaru STI is function over anything else, a car that sees all weather even in the winter, and as such he wanted usable power as a daily driver. At the core of his build is the Garrett G30-660 rotated turbo and an IAG Stage 2.5 closed deck shortblock. With 1300cc injectors this combination makes for an aggressive but usable 500whp with flex fuel. When Kevin approached us with his goals he already had driveability in mind, not wanting a laggy turbo and wanting to keep peak torque early in the rev range. The major difference is instead of the stock turbo dying off after 5k RPMs, this new build ensures endless power even when it approaches redline. Rest assured, this Subaru will give newer model sports cars a run for their money.
Kevin specifically asked for an airbox to help keep the intake air temps down, since his main goal was functionality. We designed and fabricated a custom airbox which we later had powder coated at Dave's Powder Coating, and then laser etched. Safe to say Kevin keeps his car in immaculate condition even though he drives it year round. 
As amazing as these pictures are, they do not do the car justice in the way it sounds and feels. The turbo absolutely screams, and is paired beautifully with a great deep, near WRC style sounding exhaust because of the equal length manifold. If you ever have a chance to go for a ride with Kevin in his car I would highly recommend not passing up that chance. 

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