Where to start with this beauty, not only the car, but Chris has become a great friend over the course of this build. We rebuilt his engine primitively, because he was bored of stockish or "stage 2" power. 
Here is a great video done by Roads Untraveled about Chris' STI  https://youtu.be/MQebM_SsHkc 
The build consists of a built shortblock with the stock case (semi-closed deck) with forged H-beam rods, forged pistons, a stock crankshaft and king bearings built in house. Chris wanted to build this car as his daily driver/commuter car, but wanted more power then what it had. He knew if he were to just slap a bigger turbo onto the car with all the necessary mods to make the power the chances of the engine lasting or being reliable were very slim. We decided for a stock location FP blue which has been tried and true to make the power, and have the response that Chris was after.
Chris also wanted to add some extra flare to the car, so we built some custom intercooler piping out of stainless steel using pie cuts to get the fitment just perfect. 
We tuned Chris' STI with 1300cc injectors on Cobb with flex fuel, and also added some fun features like a T51R mod which just makes the turbo scream! 

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